Boulder Mountain Tour Ltd.

Boulder Mountain Tour Ltd. is an IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mandate is to organize and promote the Boulder Mountain Tour ski race and to support the sport of cross-country skiing. Boulder Mountain Tour Ltd. is an entirely volunteer organization with support from more than 350 local Wood River Valley individuals and businesses.

Boulder Mountain Tour Ltd. is governed by a board of Directors and an organizing committee. For 2016 the Board of Directors is composed of the following local individuals:

President Tom Bowman
Vice-President Ellen Gillespie
Secretary Muffy Ritz
Treasurer Sue Hamilton
Bob Rosso
John Seiller
John Reuter
Andy Munter 

Ivana Radlova

The organizing committee is composed of the following individuals:

Race Directors - Kelly and Glen Allison


Angle, Ted


Busdon, Jenny

Race Packet/Bib Pick up

Cannady, Ed


Mat Hall

Half Boulder

Bryce Turzian

Road Crossing

Roberta Heinrich

Pre-race Bag Preparation

Rick Kapala

Chief of Start

Eric Rector 

Chief of Grooming

Andy Munter

Transportation and Toilets

Nappy Neaman

Chief of Finish

Frank Rowland

Banners (Finish)

Bobby Noyes

 Backup Timing

Taul Paul

Backcountry Ski Patrol

Gene Ramsey

Blaine Co Sheriff

Nils Ribi

Start Area Banners

Gay Riley

Pre-race Bag Preparation

Muffy Ritz

At Large



Bob Rosso

Chief of Course

John Tormey

Aid Stations

Erin Zell 

Galena Lodge

John Seiller

Traffic Control

Pete Stephenson

Race Bag Transport

Jody Zarkos

Finish Announcer

Mike Wolter

Race Secretary




The Boulder Mountain Tour is a complex and expensive ski race to administer and requires a tremendous amount of local and national support to keep the entry fee at a reasonable level. Every effort is made to keep the value as high as possible and the fees as low as possible while still managing an extraordinary event unlike any other. The people associated with the Boulder Mountain Tour and the community are proud of the level of quality and the commitment to excellence that is exhibited with each installment of this great event. 

If you would like to volunteer for the Boulder Mountain Tour, we would LOVE to have your help.  Please contact Ted Angle at to  find out how you can get involved.


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