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Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour 2016

Registration / Entry Information

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Click on Mail-in Registration to download either Full or Half Boulder entry forms.

Print and send to:

Boulder Mountain Tour Ltd.

PO Box 5868

Ketchum, ID  83340


 Entry Fee Schedule for 2016



Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour  34K:   All Waves

Adult Entry Fee

May 15, 2015  -  October 1,  2015.         $85.00


October 2  -   December 1,  2015.           $100.00


December 2, 2015  -  8pm February 3,  2016.       $110.00


Age 15 and Under

May 15, 2015  -  8pm February 3,  2016.        $45.00


Half–Boulder  15K:

Adult Entry Fee

May 15, 2015  -   8pm February 3,  2016.        $75.00


Age 15 and Under

May 15, 2015  -  8pm,  February 3,  2016.       $45.00


Special Incentive Combo Race:   1 Parent and 1 Child under 10 

May 15, 2015  -  8pm,  February 3,  2016.      $85.00




The Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour will be limited to the first eight hundred paid participants registered.  We will close the 15K Half Boulder registration at two hundred.  Mail-in entries must be accompanied by the correct entry fee to be processed. The entry fee includes participation in the race, transportation to the start and back to Ketchum from the finish, clothing bag transfer from the start to the finish, bail-out shuttles along the course, aid stations, and finish area food and refreshments. Each participant will receive the coveted BMT hat, a race bag, and other race souvenirs and sponsor related promotional materials.

 The entry fee also includes admission to the Awards Ceremony to be held at the Limelight Room in Sun Valley.  All racers will be eligible for the raffle prize drawings at the awards ceremony.  However, you must be present to WIN!

Any questions?  Please send us an email at

Entry Confirmation

Entry confirmations will not be mailed.   Please click on CONFIRMATION SEARCH.  You will be redirected to the imATHLETE Participants page where you will find your confirmed entry, bib #, and wave assignment. You will be able to search the entire field to determine who is in your age class as well as who is in your wave. Please be sure to check that your information is correct.  If you find a problem with your information, please email with corrections.  

There will be no Refunds for any reason, even if race is cancelled.


Pre-Race Bib / Bag Pick-up
All entrants will need to pick up their Race Bibs and Clothing Bags along with last minute race information, wave seeding information, souvenirs and promotional materials on Friday Feb 5 at the Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour Expo from 10:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m. in our NEW location at 451 E 4th St, in the  lower level of Giacobbi Square in downtown Ketchum.  

For entrants arriving in Sun Valley after 8:00 p.m. on Friday there will be late bib pickup at Galena Lodge  8:00 am - 9:00 a.m on race day. If you would like to have a friend pick up your race bag, please supply them with a signed note giving your permission. 

Your official race bag is to be used for your warm clothing and will be transported from the start to the finish by the race organization, please be sure it is clearly marked with your race number and is placed in the appropriate drop-off area for your wave. Any additional items, like ski bags, must be clearly marked with your bib number and every effort will be made to transport them to the finish. Take a few extra minutes to be sure your bag is properly marked before you leave it at the start. Do not leave loose clothing, car keys, cell phone, small children, dogs, cats or anything except your marked race bag at the start as the race officials cannot guarantee it will make it to the finish. Please be sure your bag is closed properly and all the contents are secure.

Timing Chips

At Bib/Bag Pick up you will be given an electronic timing chip.  The timing chips must be secured to your ankle with the attached Velcro strap.  Please be aware that the chips must be returned at the finish line.  Please allow a BMT volunteer to remove it immediately after you have finished.   If for some reason you are unable to finish the race, either give the chip to the Chief of Course at the Finish area or return it by mail to Boulder Mountain Tour Ltd., PO Box 5868, Ketchum, ID 83340. 


Seeding Rules and Wave Start Protocol

 Elite Seed Requirements:

A.  MEN:  Top 50 BMT Finish in 2012, 2013 or 2014.  See cutoff times below.

B.  WOMEN:  Top 35 BMT Finish in 2012, 2013 or 2014.  See cutoff times below.

C.  Top 100 in current USSA distance points list.

D.  Top 100 American Birkebeiner in 2013, 2014 or 2015.

E.  Top 25 (mens or womens fields) in other ASM race in 2013, 2014 or 2015.

Elite Seed Cutoff Times: 

                                2012                            2013                            2014

Elite Men:        under 1:24:00           under 1:21:00          under 1:33:00

Elite Women:    under 1:36:00         under 1:32:00          under 1:45:00

Skiers must indicate at the time of entry if they are applying for the Elite Seed.

Skiers are seeded based on their previous finish results ONLY, not previous start positions.

The Elite Seeds are strictly limited to men and women skiers who qualify under these rules.

Final determination for the Elite Seeds lies with the Race Secretary and seeding jury.

Lane assignments will be made on the Friday before the race. The bib number indicated

on the CONFIRMATION SEARCH may be different from your assigned lane number on 

race day.  It's a good idea to verify this when you pick up your packet.


Wave Size Limits:

Wave #1  Elite Men Maximum of 75 skiers
Wave #2 Elite Women Maximum of 75 skiers
Wave #3 Mixed Approximately 130 skiers
Wave #4 Mixed Approximately 130 skiers
Wave #5 Mixed Approximately 130 skiers
Wave #6 Mixed Approximately 130 skiers
Wave #7 Mixed Approximately 130 skiers 

Wave 3  - Wave 7  Seeding Rules
Skiers will be assigned waves based on results submitted from previous races only.  BMT results will carry more value in the consideration, however results from comparable marathon distance races completed in 2013, 2014 or 2015 will be accepted. Examples are:  American Birkebeiner, Yellowstone Rendezvous, Tour of Anchorage, Craftsbury Marathon or the Gatineau Loppet.  We accept results from any American Ski Marathon (ASM)  race as well.   Results should include the race name, distance, your finish place and time.  It is not the responsibility of the race organization to research your race history and it will not be done.  Please be honest!  Skiers will be seeded from wave 3 through 7 based on their approximate rank in the overall field. The point of wave assignments is to alleviate congestion on the course and give all skiers an opportunity to ski their best race. Entrants with little or no prior race experience will be seeded in wave 7.  If you have registered for the BMT and acquire a result prior to race day that may change your seeding, please forward your result to us along with a request for a re-examination of your seeding.

The Boulder Mountain Tour organizing committee’s goal is to give every participant in the tour the best possible experience. Having a clear field with the least amount of skier traffic for every racer is a priority. As a result the committee has determined that the field for the 2016 BMT will be limited to the first 800 paid entrants. Please keep in mind that the Boulder Mountain Tour is a traditional mass start marathon ski race and as such involves strategy and a certain amount of skier traffic. The wave protocol is designed to alleviate but not eliminate the congestion and required strategy associated with a successful mass start marathon ski race.

The waves have been limited in size in an effort to give each skier the clearest possible course. You may not start in a wave other than your assignment. Your start time will have been entered into the computer and if you start in an earlier wave you will be disqualified. All waves will start exactly on time; you must be ready when the horn sounds. The colored bars on the shoulder of your bib are for identification purposes by race officials in the start area to help insure a clean start.

If, after searching the entry database, you find you have been assigned a wave that is not where you think you should be assigned you may apply for a change by emailing the seeding jury at please be sure you include adequate information in addition to the race results you included on your entry. If you cannot email you may send a letter to PO Box 5868, Ketchum, Idaho 83340. The letter must arrive before Jan 29th, 2016 no exceptions.

Refund and Cancellation Policy
There will be No Refunds on registration for any reason, even if race is cancelled.  Please do not ask! If you do not have a friend that is interested in buying your entry fee please contact us at and we will post your information on the BMT website under "Entries for Sale" located on the Home Page during the month of January. Please see "Substitutions" below for requirements.

Substitutions and Purchase of Pre-Existing Entry
In the event that a registered BMT skier is unable to compete in the race and chooses to give his or her entry to another person, the new participant must:

  1. Inform the race organization of the change, either by email or regular mail with your entry. 
  2. Fill out a new race registration form (available from the registration page) and sign a RACE WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY. 
  3. The purchaser must include a signed note from the original entrant giving permission.  
  4. The new racer will be assigned to a wave according to his or her personal race history, not the seller. 
  5. There will be an additional $15 fee for the change.

Failure to sign a RACE WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY will result in disqualification and denied racing privileges. The deadline for substitutions is midnight January 29, 2016 all required information must be received by this date. Email is accepted for permission notes. In a nutshell, the purchaser is buying the original entrant's entry fee only and the price should be negotiated between the two parties. The BMT accepts substituions as a benefit to participants so please do not abuse the priviledge. There is a strict cutoff date for substitutions. 


Each entrant must sign the “Waiver and Release of Liability” on the official entry form before being permitted to participate.  The race organizers and sponsors cannot be responsible for accidents during or in conjunction with the competition nor the physical condition of the participants. Therefore, each participant enters at his or her own risk and all participants are responsible for the provision of their own insurance coverage. 


For additional race information check all the details on the "INFORMATION" page




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