2021 Results

The 2021 Virtually Amazing Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour attracted 713 skiers of all ages and abilities, some in costume, some in race suits, and all in good cheer. “Our Boulder, Your Backyard” took us to Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, as well a Switzerland and Norway.

Our “Ski It Forward” award voted on by participants engendered a $5000 donation to nonprofits throughout the United States. Organizations earning the most votes received a $500 contribution from the BMT in recognition of the outstanding work they do in supporting people, programs, and communities throughout the United States.

2021 BMT Ski It Forward recipients were The Hunger Coalition, Meissner Nordic Team, Protect Our Winters, Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Bogus Basin Ski Team, Community Shares of Wisconsin, The Advocates, Idaho Food Bank, and Higher Ground.

Participants who submitted their results are listed below by the day they skied. For awards and raffle winners, please click here.

Thank you one and all for your involvement in the 2021 BMT!

Monday, February 1, 2021
Molly Jacoby 7 Harriman Trail ID
Austen Slette 10 Washburn Ski Trails - Rhinelander WI
Tucker Rector 11 BMT Half Baker to SNRA
Lucy Jacoby 12 Harriman Trail ID
Olin Slette 12 Washburn Ski Trails - Rhinelander WI
Sadie Rector 14 BMT Half Baker to SNRA
Stratton Cunningham 14 Quigley Nordic Trails, Hailey ID
Alan Hehr 23 Lake Elmo park reserve MN
Kate Johnston 23 Sun Valley Nordic center course ID
Sarah Goble 23 Harriman ID
Wendy Rector 23 BMT Half Baker to SNRA ID
Carly Hehr 24 Lake Elmo Park Reserve MN
Alek Kacmarcik 25 Sun Valley Nordic Center ID
Niels Meyer 30 Harriman. Galena lodge to SNRA ID
Sarah Armstrong 34 Sun Valley- Trail Creek to Boundary to Hyman to Boundary to Proctor to Trail Creek X2 ID
Matthew Ziegelmann 35 Chester Woods County Park (Chester/Rochester area) MN
Michael D. Stadnisky 37 Mount Bachelor Nordic Center OR
Laura Theis 38 Harriman Trail (Boulder Mount Course), Ketchum, ID ID
Michael Danahy 40 Harriman trail: SNRA to Baker Creek 15k mark and back to SNRA. ID
terry oconnor 45 galena lodge trail system ID
Amy Strachan 46 North Fork Loop ID
Amy Slette 47 Washburn Ski Trails - Rhinelander WI
Liv Jensen 49 Harriman- 30K to sign at SNRA ID
Becky Boyle 53 Lake Elmo Park Reserve MN
Kari Bohlke 53 Quigley ID
Jim Boyle 54 Lake Elmo Park Reserve MN
Pamela Fitzsimmons 55 Ponderosa State Park, ID - flats ID
Peter Fitzsimmons 57 Lakeside at Ponderosa State Park, McCall ID ID
Eric Rector 58 BMT Half Baker to SNRA ID
James Toney 59 Lost Trail/Bitterroot Ski Club MT
KATE KELLY 60 Harriman Trail ID
Jeffrey Wilhelm 61 Bogus Basin ID
Jeff Carpenter 62 Virginia Meissner Nordic, Bend Oregon OR
Mike Brumbaugh 62 Harriman Trail Galena to SNRA ID
Deanna Letts 63 Elver Park, Madison, Wisconsin WI
Patti Lousen 63 Lower BMT - 15 k CLASSIC SKI ID
Phil Johnson 63 Sun Valley Nordic Center ID
Ben Lawrence 64 Sun valley resort ID
Carl Hoerger 64 Harriman Trail from 30K to 0K markers ID
Gerard Kelly 65 Harriman Trail ID
Kate Ellis 65 Boulder Mountain Tour race course ID
Malcolm Daly 65 Baker to SNRA ID
Stephen Quinn 65 White Pines XC-Park City Golf Course UT
Susan Giannettino 66 Harriman ID
Linda Ries 67 full Boulder Mtn tour on Harriman trail ID
James Keller 68 Harriman Trail 31km to 1 km ID
Paul Ries 68 Harriman Trail, SNRA, Idaho ID
Anne Jeffery 71 Harriman ID
Sally Wisely 71 BMT race course, Harriman Trail NM
Ralph Johnson 72 BCRD Harriman Trail Galena to SNRA ID
Carol Monteverde 74 Traditional BMT (Harriman) ID
June Lane 74 BMT Galena to SNRA - 20th race ID
Linda M Lynch 75 Prairie Creek & 7K on Harriman ID
Tuesday, February 2, 2021
Parker Clayton 25 Harriman Trail, SV ID
Emily Gillespie 26 Harriman Trail ID
Chelan Pauly 28 Harriman trail, Ketchum ID
Bronwen Raff 29 Oholone Trail CA
Kyle Oldemeyer 29 Harriman Trail, Ketchum Idaho ID
Reed Boeger 33 Sun Valley Nordic Center ID
ANNA DEMERS 36 Timberland Hills Ski Trails, Cumberland, WI WI
Chris Wettstein 36 Nordic Highway - Bogus Basin ID
Chelsea Zussman 37 Mountain Dell, Salt Lake City, UT UT
Maz Khalighi 37 Mountain Dell, Salt Lake City, UT UT
Alyce Pearce 51 Meissner Nordic OR
Kelly Feldman 52 Harriman Trail ID
Shari Kunz 61 Sun Valley Nordic ID
Randall Machado 63 Meissner
Connie Story 65 Harriman Trail ID
joan ellen benson 65 White Pine ski track: 3k, dog loops, farm loop UT
Mike Foley 66 Chapin Forest Resrvation- 306 Parkway/Quarry Pond Loop OH
Renée Kuross 68 Harriman Trail, Baker Creek to SNRA ID
Amy McDevitt 69 Harriman Trail ID
dwight hibdon 70 White Pine Touring Park City, Ut UT
Lori Steinbach 71 Birkebeiner Ski Trail - Hayward, WI WI
Nancy Fichter 72 Round Valley, Park City, UT UT
Gary Klopfenstein 73 Harriman ID
GARY LEE FICHTER 73 Round Valley, Park City UT UT
Ron Stradiotto 73 Boulder Mountain Tour ID
Tate Mace - DOG 9 months Dog loop and Boundry at SV Nordic, Sun Valley Idaho MT
Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Bastian Wrede 9 Sun Valley Nordic 15k ID
Tessa Dondero 10 Lake Creek
Winston Gallegos 13 Quigley ID
Dylan 15 Harriman trail ID
Eloise Pendl-Hebert 15 Lake Creek ID
Mason Shinners 15 Washburn, Rhinelander WI WI
Mats Radl-Jones 15 Harriman trail, Ketchum,ID ID
Liana Teter 16 Washburn Lake Silent Sports Trails in Rhinelander WI WI
Olivia Gillen 16 Washburn, Rhinelander Wisconsin WI
Anna Wood 17 Washburn Ski Trails, Rhinelander WI
Callie 17 Washburn Area Ski Trails WI
Megan Lester 17 Washburn Trails WI
Sebi Radl-Jones 18 Harriman trail, Ketchum,ID ID
Lily Gillespie 25 Harriman Trial ID
Stephen Harnett 27 Thompson Park, Mounmouth County Park System NJ
Courtney Hamilton 29 Harriman Trail 30km-0km ID
Alli Beatty 34 BMT course ID
Katie Bradish 34 Schweitzer Nordic Center ID
Sara Hoaglund 41 Galena to Baker Creek (15k) ID
Angie Kell 42 Soldier Hollow UT
Kevin Cummisford 43 Round valley, park city utah UT
Erin Zell 46 Harriman ID
Jessica Jensen 46 Bogus Basin, Boise, ID ID
Patricia Rich 46 Sun Valley Nordic ID
David Slette 47 Washburn Silent Sports Trails Area WI
Eric Kreitzer 48 Sun Valley Nordic, Sun Valley, ID ID
John Gillen 48 Washburn, Rhinelander Wisconsin WI
Todd Hageman 50 Soldier Hollow UT
Ivana Radlova 52 Harriman Trail, Ketchum, ID ID
Joan Scheingraber 52 BMT course ID
Suzanne Wrede 52 Sun Valley Nordic trail 15k ID
Juerg Stauffacher 54 Boulder mountain course ID
Neil Bradshaw 54 Harriman Trail, Ketchum, ID ID
Ellen Gillespie 55 Harriman Trail ID
Carolyn Sterrett 56 Soldier Hollow Midway, UT UT
Anne Marie Gardner 57 SNRA to Baker Creek and Return to SNRA ID
Tim Hamilton 57 Harriman Trail ID
Heidi Watanabe 58 Harriman Trail - the BMT of course ID
Jim Wood 61 Washburn Ski Trails, Rhinelander WI
Brian H Hegge 62 Washburn silent sports WI
Carolyn Einerson 64 Harriman Trail, Galena Lodge to SNRA ID
Jeff Einerson 65 Harriman Trail, Galena Lodge to SNRA ID
John Marks 65 Wilderness Lodge 30km, near Wattsburg PA PA
Kathy Gibson 66 BCRD trails ID
James Shannon McClatchy 68 BMT course ID
Mike Ivie 68 Teacup Lake, Mt Hood OR
Jeffrey Schimpff 72 Pleasant View Plus CXC, Middleton WI
Jay Graham 74 Baker Creek to SNRA ID
Reilly McSevitt 80 Sun Valley Nordic Center ID
thomas frey 85 snoqualmie summit trail system WA
Paul Hoaglund Galena to Barker Creek(15k) ID
Thursday, February 4, 2021
Kinley Letson 8 Lake Creek ID
Payton Daley-Scheingraber 9 Lake Creek Devo ID
Lilah Bicas-Dolgen 10 BicasDolgen @ SVSEF ID
Mazzy Conners 13 Harriman Trail Ketchum Idaho ID
Jackson Neuhoff 20 Elver Park, Madison, WI WI
Sage Reuter 23 Tour of Miessner, Virginia Miessner Snow Park OR
Grace Donovan 26 Harriman Trail, Galena to SNRA ID
Hannah Smay 26 Harriman Trail, Ketchum ID
Grant Loomis 28 Harriman Trail BCRD ID
Jeannie Higgs 30 Schweitzer Mountain ID
John Reuter 36 BCRD - prairie creek up to galena, horse creek loop and back down ID
David Hoversland 38 Harriman Trail Ketchum Idaho ID
Sylvia Greer 42 Soldier Hollow Nordic Center, Midway, UT ND
Andrea Gallegos 43 Quigley ID
Cayman Seacrest 43 Harriman Trail, Blaine County ID
Heath Greer 43 North Fork, Eden, UT PA
Heather Atkinson 43 Soldier Hollow UT UT
Erik Weeman 46 Mt. Hood OR
Jacki Sterner 46 Harriman Trail ID
Allyson Kauffman 47 Harriman Trail - near Ketchum ID
Tayt Knowles 47 Sun Valley Nordic Center Course ID
Adam Angel 48 Harriman Trail ID
Holbrook Newman 50 SV Nordic Center & Lake Creek - Classic only
Matt Collins 50 Harriman trail near Ketchum ID
Janelle Conners 52 Harriman Trail Ketchum ID
Steven Platz 52 Beaver Creek, Lander WY WY
Tate 52 Mt Bachelor 16K OR
Tizz Strachan 52 Boulder Course - Harriman Trail ID
Hank Dart 53 Harriman Trail, Idaho ID
Kate McPherson 54 Harriman 1/2 Boulder Baker Creek to SNRA 15k ID
Melanie Wright 54 SNRA - Harriman to 7.5Km and back ID
Michael Joseph Nagro Jr. 54 Harriman 1/2 Boulder Baker Creek to SNRA 15k UT
Alexis Martin 55 Bear Basin Nordic Center, McCall ID ID
Amy Bailey 56 Standard BMT (Baker to SNRA) ID
Celia Leber 56 Harriman and Prairie Creek Trails ID
Kathy Lee 56 Harriman trail ID
Laura Furtado 56 Harriman ID
Melissa M Young 57 Sun Valley, Liefs Loop ID
Steve Christiansen 57 Sun Valley Nordic Center ID
William MacDonald 57 Sun Valley Golf Course - prescriber route ID
Amy MacDonald 58 Sun Valley Golf Course, 2 laps as prescribed ID
Scott Smallwood 58 Meissner Nordic OR
joney otteson 60 Billy's Bridge 3.5x/ Ketchum ID
Angier Wills, Jr 61 Harriman Trail - SNRA up 15k, then back ID
innes j wright 61 Galena to SNRA 30k ID
Michele Korkowski 62 Quigley Nordic Trails ID
Rick Adams 63 Meissner Nordic OR
Michael Judge 64 Bear Basin McCall ID
Karen Daly 65 Harriman - Galena to Baker Creek ID
Don Mueller 67 Soldier Holloe UT
Llona Ney Jensen 67 Jug Mountain Ranch ID
Paul Mackenzie 68
Victoria Yee 68 Quigley and Jenny’s Way ID
Kristina Hindert 69 Harriman Trail ID
Mark Jensen 69 Jug Mountain Ranch, McCall, Idaho ID
Ted Daley 69 Bear Basin Nordic McCall ID
Ron Kass 69.5 Harriman 1/2 Boulder Baker Creek to SNRA 15k ID
Cheryl Chadwick 70 Alturas Lake, Stanley - multiple trails, including over the hill, the trail to alturas, wapiti and the northern loop ID
Donna Finegan 71 Harriman ID
Tim Heaton 71 Harriman 1/2 Boulder Baker Creek to SNRA 15k ID
Norm Ploss 72 Meissner Nordic, Bend, OR OR
Joseph Strecker 74 Echo Ridge, Chelan, WA WA
Henry Roybal 75 Harriman trail Galena/Ketchum. Idaho ID
Hal Cochrane 76 Harriman Trail (31K) Sun Valley ID
Zanna Cochrane 76 Harriman Sun Valley ID
Charley French 94 Baker Creek to SNRA + 1K ID
Friday, February 5, 2021
Isla Sundby 8 Half-Boulder ID
Jed Schmidt 8 Harriman ID
Nina O’Sullivan 8 Harriman Trail ID
Ryan Schwartzbard 9 Lake Creek Ketchum ID ID
Bailey 11 Baker down to SNRA ID
Cal Hebert 11 galena to baker ID
Duncan Fryberger 11 Harriman trail ID
Riley Siegel 13 Lake creek 5km ID
Zach Quesnel 13 Quigley ID
Maya Hunter 14 Mount Bachelor Nordic trail OR
Katie Feldman 25 Harriman Trail, the usual BMT course from the 31km sign to the last SNRA sign! ID
Emily Williams 27 Harriman Out & Back ID
Mary Alexander 28 Harriman trail ID
Silas Talbot 28 Craftsbury VT
WESLEY STEEN 29 Virginia Meissner Sno-Park, Bend, OR OR
Michael Hoover 31 Harriman Trail ID
Samuel Mollner 32 Harriman Trail ID
Annie OSullivan 35 Harriman ID
Eric Colton 37 Virginia Meissner OR
Matthew Stewart 37 Soldier Hollow UT
Erin Green 39 Harriman Trail ID
James Collins 39 Meissner Nordic / Meissner Sno Park / Bend, OR OR
MICHAEL BAZYLEWICZ 39 Craftsbury Outdoor Center VT
Ian Sundby 40 Full-Boulder ID
Sarah Sundby 40 Half-Boulder ID
Matthew Fredback 41 Boulder Mountain Tour Course ID
Willie Resko 41 Harriman Trail ID
Jenna Resko 42 Harriman Trail ID
Ryan Schmidt 43 Harriman ID
Sam Young 44 Harriman Trail ID
Stephanie Hancock 46 Teton Lakes Winter Park ID
Casey Jowers 47 Tahoe Cross Country Center “BMT” Course CA
Don Shepler 47 Boulder Mt Tour HArriman ID
Jana Repulski 47 Harriman Trail Sun Valley ID ID
Jeff Hancock 47 Teton Lakes Winter Park ID
Tess O’Sullivan 47 Harriman ID
Elva Reeck 48 North Valley BCRD trails/half BMT course ID
Lesley Rockwood 48 Harriman Trail, Ketchum ID ID
Martha Pendl 48 Galena Lodge ID
Nicholas Strohmeyer 49 Red Tail/Sapper's Return Bogus Basin Boise ID
Cynthia Engel 50 Meissner Nordic Virtual Boulder Mountain Tour, Bend Oregon OR
Wade Rockwood 50 Harriman Trail, Ketchum ID ID
Geoff Hebert 51 Galena to Baker ID
Howard Silverman 51 Harriman Trail ID
John Kurtz 51 Prairie creek to galena then tour galena then back to prairie creek ID
Marla Covey 51 Harriman Trail ID
Tim Ramey 51 Harriman Trail Ketchum ID ID
Jessica Streib 52 Baker creek to SNRA ID
Annie Black 53 SNRA Up and Back to 8KM Marker ID
Carla Smith 53 Mt Spokane WA
Marlene Hatch 53 Harriman Trail ID
Mindy 54 Harriman , Galena to finish ID
Tami Smith 54 Mt Bachelor Bend OR
Mike Wolter 55 Harriman ID
Tom Black 55 Traditional BMT ID
Angela Beauchaine 56 Harriman Trail, Idaho ID
Antoinette LaFerriere 56 Tour De Meissner, Bend OR
Doak Bailey 56 Harriman (Actual Course) ID
Michael Curtin 56 Harriman Trail, Sun Valley, ID
Catherine MacLean 57 Quigley ID
Heidi Holland 57 Red Tail/Sappers/Exit B X 3. Bogus Basin ID
Mike rapoport 58 Schweitzer Mountain Resort ID
Joyce Fabre 59 Lake Creek trails ID
Paul 59 Herriman trail ID
Anne Tokareff 60 Harriman Trail N of Ketchum ID
Mike Treshow 60 North Valley Trails ID
Tom Beauchaine 60 Harriman Trail, Idaho ID
Angela McFarland 61 Meissner Nordic OR
Jeffrey Wilhelm 61 Harriman Trail - BMT course ID
Lindsay Landgren 61 Harriman Trail ID
Mark Garfield 61 Harriman Trail Sun Valley ID
Brian Smith 62 Mt Bachelor Bend OR
Darlene Young 62 Harriman ID
Scott McFarland 62 Meissner Nordic Ski area OR
David Tomten 63 Harriman Trail
Katharine E Sheldon 63 BCRD Quigley Nordic, Hailey ID ID
Muffy Ritz 63 BMT course ID
Roger Mankus 63 Harriman trail ID
Troy Nichol 63 Harriman
Carleton Keck 64 Harriman Trail ID
EJ Harpham 64 Quigley Nordic ID
Kim Nalen 64 BMT course Harriman ID
William Bedford 64 Skyline Nordic Trails, fairview, UT UT
Brian Elkins 65 BMT-HARRIMAN / Sun Valley ID
Dave Perkins 65 Harriman Trail ID
Martha Miller 65 Harriman ID
Susan Gundy 65 Wood River Trail and Durance ID
Jeffrey Camps 66 Harriman Trail ID
Kate Rosso 66 BMT 31 k course ID
Kay Hummel 66 Nordic Hwy Exit B + Redtail/Sappers Return 3X, Bogus Basin ID
Maggie Frole Spurling 66 Bogus Basin Exit B to Redtail to Sappers - did Redtail & Sappers 3 times then back to Exit B & then back to Bogus Basin Nordic Lodge ID
Thad Farnham 66 Harriman Trail/SNRA ID
Tom 66 Harriman Trail ID
David Green 67 Mt Bachelor, Bend OR
Mark Sugden 67 Harriman Trail ID
Sterling Russell 67 Deer Hollow Recreation Area UT
Mike Weber 68 Harriman SV ID
Terry Patterson 68 Harriman ID
Sharon Walker 70 Harriman Trail, Ketchum, Idaho ID
Susan Lisagor 70 Tahoe XC 15 k BMT course CA
Cathy 71 Harriman - Baker Creek to SNRA ID
Jeff Fereday 71 Nordic Hwy Exit B + Redtail/Sappers Return 3X, Bogus Basin ID
olav ruud 71 Methow Community Trail - Mazama WA
Craig Randle 72 Lake Creek Trails ID
Bill Gundy 73 Wood river trail and Durance ID
Bob Rosso 73 BMT 31k course ID
Tom Usher 73 Boulder Mt Tour course Harriman Trail from Hawk Hill to finish ID
Mark Donavan 74 Harriman Trail VT
Max 75 Half boulder ID
hans muehlegger 80 harriman trail ID
Sam East 80 Harriman Trail ID
Michael Dawson Harriman Trail ID
Saturday, February 6, 2021
Jude Benson 9 Schweitzer Mountain Resort ID
Owen Wellner 10 Galena to SNRA ID
Anna Koonce 11 Snra ID
Pax Longanecker 11 Schweitzer ID
Caleo Morrison 12 Harriman Trail - Galena to SNRA ID
Jonas Benson 12 Schweitzer Mountain Resort ID
Torin Vandenburgh 12 Harriman trail ID
Alex Larson 14 Meissner Nordic OR
Charrisse Wedding 14 Swampy snow park OR
Ella Cuneo 14 Harriman ID
Gwen Evans 14 Mazama to Winthrop WA
Jack Hardy 15 Swampy Snow Park OR
Lizzy Albin 15 Meissner
Brooke Liddell 16 Virginia Meissner Sno-Park in Bend, Oregon OR
Dakota Wedding 16 Messiner, Messiner OR
Evan Eby 16 Meissner OR
Gattlin Janes 16 Swampy snow park bend Oregon OR
Cody Gehrett 17 Tour of Meissner course at meissner OR
Josie Tracewell 17 Swampy snow park OR
Kate Hardy 17 Swampy snow park OR
Kate West 17 Virginia Meissner OR
Riley Johnson 17 Meissner Nordic Trails OR
Brad Alexander 18 Swampy Snow Park and Meissner Snow Park in Bend Oregon OR
Freddy Finney-Jordet 18 Virginia Meissner Sno-Park OR
Rory Eldridge 18 Meissner OR
ruby gates 18 Swampy Lakes Sno Park, Bend, OR OR
Garrett janes 19 Meissner & Meissner OR
Ernest Matthew Finney-Jordet 23 Meissner Sno Park OR
Lindsay VanMieghem 24 Harriman Trail ID
Audrey Marion 26 Harriman Trail ID
Ryan Marion 26 Harriman Trail ID
Katherine Shields 27 Soldier Hollow, Midway, UT UT
Robert Walgren 28 Teacup Nordic, Mt Hood OR OR
Dylan Knutson 29 Soldier Hollow, Midway, UT UT
Leslie Howitt 30 Mountain Dell UT
Fannie Watkinson 31 Snoqualmie Pass - Hyak (near Seattle, WA) WA
Kevin Weldon 32 Meissner Nordic Community Ski Trails OR
Lucy Collins 32 Harriman trail- boulder mountain tour course ID
Mark Moehling 32 Mountain Dell UT
Dave Beilkw 33 Harriman trail, sun valley, id ID
Aaron Seelig 35 Virginia Meissner Sno Park Bend, OR OR
James Austin V 35 Kotzebue Sound AK
Lee France 35 Schweitzer Mountain Trails, Sandpoint ID ID
Nic Sells 35 White Pine Nordic Center UT
Shayla DeVisser 35 Herriman Trail in Sun Valley ID
Stephen Kilshaw 36 Mountain Dell ski trails - north of Salt Lake City, Utah UT
Jesse Thomas 37 Harriman in Sun Valley ID
Kimberly Roush 37 Harriman Trail, Galena, ID ID
Kirk Allen 38 Harriman Trail ID
Lexi Abel 38 Methow Community Trail, Methow to Winthrop WA
Michael Hamilton 39 Virginia Meissner Sno Park, Bend, OR OR
Trevor Noren 39 Harriman Trail ID
Lauren Marziliano 40 Harriman - Ketchum, ID ID
Amanda Laib 41 Harriman Trail ID
Ben Flandro 41 Harriman Trail - BMT ID
Cindy Dondero 41 Baker Creek to SNRA 1/2 Boulder Classic ID
Cody McCabe 41 Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center, Bend, OR OR
Heather S Sells 41 White Pine Nordic Center. Park City, UT UT
Alison Burpee 42 Harriman ID
Britta Hubbard 42 Gunnison Nordic, Dos Rios Golf Course, Gunnison, CO CO
Heather Lien 43 Schweitzer ID
Steve Dondero 43 Full Boulder Mtn Tour Course (Harriman) ID
Adam Cuneo 44 Harriman ID
Jason McDonald 44 Harriman Trail, Idaho ID
David Justin Bennett 45 Mt Bachelor Nordic Center course OR
Eri Crum 45 Harriman ID
Matti Neustadt Storie 45 Mt. Bachelor BMT virtual course OR
Kate Fitzpatrick 46 Meissner Community Trails, Bend, OR OR
Diana Spring 47 Virginia Meissner OR
Joseph Jensen 47 Redtail,Sappers Bogus Basin ID
Troy Smith 47 Harriman ID
Troy Smith 47 Harriman ID
Troy Smith 47 Harriman in Sun Valley ID
William A Jenkins 48 Meissner Nordic OR
Christie Aschwanden 49 skyway/county line, Grand Mesa CO
Ian Blasch 49 Harriman Trail ID
Jennifer Ellis 49 Sun Valley. Boundary Loop, Proctor Loop, Trail Creek Loop, Practice Loop x2 ID
Anthony Johnson 50 Meissner Nordic Trails OR
Courtney Gilbert 50 Loop Drive, Craters of the Moon ID
Daniel Wyss 50 Goms, Switzerland
Leigh Ann Sandal 50 Harriman ID
Tasche Streib 50 BMT Harriman ID
Emily Prud'homme 51 Meissner Sno Park, Bend, OR OR
Evelyn Johnson 51 The OG BMT, Galena to SRNA
Peter J Johnson 52 Harriman - Galena to SNRA ID
Shaun Anderson 52 Harriman, Sun Valley idaho ID
Kyle Rafford 53 Harriman ID
Svea Grover 53 Every trail at Quigley Nordic!! ID
Constance Tjarksen 54 Harriman trail ID
Jamie Lieberman 54 Harriman Trail, Blaine County ID
SERGIO BICAS 54 Chief Joseph Pass @ Bitterroot Cross Country Ski Club MT
Mike Burke 56 Harriman Trail ID
Kim Brown 57 we skied our own loop OR
Michael Tjarksen 57 Harriman trail ID
Steve Schutz 57 Harriman trail ID
John Griley 58 Mt Bachelor Nordic Center trails (combination of 3 trails) OR
Kelly Martin 59 Harriman Trail- Galena Lodge to SNRA ID
Lucy Bourret 59 BMT Harriman ID
Peter Thimm 59 Upper Harriman 15K ID
Shannon Mara 59 Meissner OR
Eileen Hansen 60 Harriman, Baker to SNRA, Boulder Mountain Half ID
Julie Howland 60 Meissner Nordic OR
Mark Krogh 61 Cathedral Pines Harriman ID
JK Scott 62 Harriman ID
Dan Ostermiller 63 Bear Basin Nordic McCall Idaho ID
Jared France 63 Schweitzer Mountain Resort ID
Martha Keck 63 Harriman Trail ID
Jennifer Brooke Diamond 64 Half Boulder, Harriman: Baker Crk to SNRA ID
Nicki Humphries 64 Bear Basin Ski Area, McCall, ID ID
Glen Allison 65 BMT Harriman Trail ID
Deliane Klein 66 BCRD: Titus Creek, Harriman -Galena to Prairie Creek, then 2x Prairie Creek ID
Kim wheelwright 66 Wood River Harriman trail BMT 31 k ID
Nancy Mackinnon 66 Harriman Trail ID
Betty Sugden 67 Harriman Trail ID
David Smullin 67 Meissner OR
Jacki Rubin 67 Harriman trail ID
Kurt Dudley 67 Herringbone ID
Kurt Dudley 67 Herriman ID
Patricia Harris 67 Harriman Trail Sun Valley ID
Bob Marcinko 68 Harriman Trail - SNRA ID
Paul Collins 68 Harriman Trail. BMT ID
Don Leet 70 Meissner Snow Park OR
Leslie Howa 70 Harriman, Baker creek to SNRA ID
Roger Demment 70 Dartmouth XC Ski Center, Hanover, NH NH
Terry Berry 76 Meissner Nordic Community Ski Trails, Bend, OR OR
Amy Jonas Schweitzer mountain resort ID
Carol Mutzel Harriman ID
Cory Curtis Turpin Meadows Ranch WY
David Adams Turpin Meadows Ranch WY
Eric Davis Sun Valley Nordic Center
Kelly Allison The BMT
Matthew Wellner Galena to SNRA ID
William Thomas Harriman sun valley ID
Sunday, February 7, 2021
Savannah Halvorsen 5 Harriman trail ID
Josie Dondero 7 Sun Valley Lane's Trail ID
Chasyn Halvorsen 8 Harriman trail ID
Sadie Guss 8 Harriman Trail (Baker to SNRA) ID
Finn Blasch 12 Harriman ID
Luca finegan 13 Harriman baker to snra ID
Sven Halvorsen 13 Harriman trail ID
Ella McNeely 14 White Pine Touring 5k - Park City, Utah UT
Ivan Jensen 14 The Hole, Bogus Basin ID
Gretel Huss 16 Harriman Trail ID
Prairie Kirk 16 Bear Basin, McCall ID
Bjorn Halvorsen 17 Harriman trail ID
McKinley Kirk 18 Bear Basin, McCall ID
Emily Siegel 22 Boulder Mountain tour on the Harriman ID
Leah Lange 22 Hafjell, Norway NORWAY
Peter Wolter 22 Hafjelltoppen NORWAY
Annika Landis 23 Harriman Trail Galena to SNRA ID
Sloan Storey 26 Galena permitted loop+Titus loop+ Emma’s gulch+psycho+gladiator ID
Ilsa Snyder 29 Sun Valley Nordic center (trail creek, boundary, proctor) ID
Chad Doremus 31 Sun Valley Nordic Center (trail creek, boundary, proctor) ID
Rachael Bazzett 31 Harriman Trail 15k Course ID
Zack Beatty 35 West Yellowstone Rendezvous Trails MT
John Forsyth 38 Harriman Trail, Ketchum ID ID
Lindsey Bengtson 38 West Glacier Nordic MT
Kathryn Cranor 39 Eaglecrest lower loop, Juneau, Alaska AK
Carmen 42 Harriman galena to snra ID
Cuyler Swindley 45 Harriman Train ID
Kirsten 45 Quigley ID
Julie Halvorsen 48 Harriman trail ID
Lisa Sunderman 48 Mt. Spokane Nordic Trails WA
Jon Halvorsen 49 Harriman trail ID
Aimee Metcalf 50 Mt. Bachelor OR
Cory McNeely 50 White Pine Touring 3k - Park City, Utah UT
Cory McNeely 50 White Pine Touring 3k - Park City, Utah UT
David Kirk 50 Bear Basin, McCall ID
Cyndi Smidt 51 Mt Bachelor Nordic Center trails (combination of 3 trails) OR
John Kurtz 51 Prairie creek to galena, galena perimeter then back to prairie ID
Christine Huss 52 Hariman ID
Douglas Hanson 52 Tahoe XC CA
Laura Gordon 52 Durance ID
Lori Kirk 52 Bear Basin, McCall, ID ID
Steve Marx 52 Harriman trail ID
Thomas Eli DeHart 52 Quigley ID
Lisamarie Hanson 54 Tahoe XC / Tahoe City CA
Sharon Burke 55 Harriman Trail ID
Laura 56 Sun Valley Nordic center ID
Bret Moss 57 Trail Creek - Jackson Hole WY
James Gillespie 57 Harriman ID
Amy Johnson 58 Harriman, Ketchum ID
STEVEN MOYNAHAN 58 Soldier Hollow, Midway, Utah UT
Ponteir Sackrey 59 Trail Creek, Jackson Hole WY
Stephanie Dow 59 Vail Nordic Center CO
Charles Mortensen 60 Schweitzer Mountain Resort ID
David Cosca 63 Harriman Trail ID
frank alexander 63 Harriman trail, Ketchum ID
David J Bingham 64 Quigley 30k ID
Jeri Howland 64 Boulder Mt Tour ID
Roger Dailey 64 Harriman Trail. Ketchum ID
Laurie Leman 67 Sun Valley ID
Jerry edelbrock 71 Boulder mountain tour Harriman trail ID
Roger Squier 71 Harriman - Galena Lodge to SNRA ID
Marshall Peterson 73 Harriman ID
Roger Miller 77 Boulder Mountain Tour, Ketchum, Idaho ID
Satchel Swindley Harriman Trail ID