Boulder Mountain Tour Ltd. is an IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mandate is to organize and promote the Boulder Mountain Tour ski race and to support the sport of cross-country skiing. Boulder Mountain Tour Ltd. is an entirely volunteer organization with support from more than 350 local Wood River Valley individuals and businesses.

Board of Directors – 2019/20

Boulder Mountain Tour Ltd. is governed by a Board of Directors and an Organizing Committee composed of the following local individuals:

President – John Reuter
Vice President – Martha Pendl
Secretary – Muffy Ritz
Treasurer – Sue Hamilton
Tom Bowman
Svea Grover
Paddy McIlvoy
Andy Munter
Ivana Radlova
Bob Rosso
John Seiller

BMT Organizing Committees

Race Director – Jody Zarkos
Bob Rosso – Chief of Course
Eric Rector – Chief of Grooming
Rick Kapala – Chief of Start
SVSEF Coaches – Half Boulder
John Reuter – Chief of Finish
Prime Time Timing – Official Race Timing
Bobby Noyes – Backup Timing
Mike Wolter – Race Secretary
Travis Jones – Finish Announcer
Bryce Turzian – Road Crossing
Taul Paul – Galena Backcountry Ski Patrol
Andy Munter – Transportation and Toilets
Pete Stephenson – Race Bag Transport
Roberta Heinrich, Gay Riley & Julie Gallagher
Jenny Busdon – Race Packet/Bib Pick up
Nils Ribi – Photography
Frank Rowland – Banners (Finish)
Curtis Miller – Blaine County Sheriff
Road Work Ahead – Traffic Control
Jim Keating – Blaine County Recreation District
Erin Zell & Don Shepler – Galena Lodge
Ed Cannady – Sawtooth National Recreation Area
Ted Angle – Volunteers
John Tormey & Tom Bowman – Aid Stations

  • Community School
  • Suns Hockey
  • Sturtevants
  • Girls on the Run

IRS Letter of Determination for BMT