Jon Engen Perpetual Award

Given in memory of Jon Engen, the Engen Award is earned by the man and woman who improve their times by the greatest percentage year over. The Engen Award was established by the following individuals and organizations in Jon’s honor:

Tom Campion, Jean and Brent Estep, Richard and Kelly Feldman, Jim Fredericks, Dave Knoop, Marshall Peterson, Roger Miller, Rich Mull, Rossignol, SWIX/TOKO, Jimmie Vaughan, and Darlene Young.

Champions of the inaugural Engen Award in 2019 were Aniko Pearson and Troy Smith. Both were given commemorative belt buckles and belts made by Foster Weld in Boise, Idaho. Buckle winners in 2020 were Hannah Young and Brad St. Clair; 2022 Johanna Stangland and Zach Quesnel; 2023 Lucy Conklin and Alex Homaechevarria; 2024 Matthew Sanford and Mina Vafaeezadeh.

Donations may be made to the Engen Fund. The fund is restricted solely to the perpetual award and donations are entirely tax-deductible.