The use of fluorinated (fluoro) waxes is not banned at the 2024 BMT. However, in recognition of the environmental and health impacts of fluorocarbons, the use of non-fluoro waxes is strongly recommended for all racers. Today, resources are not reasonably available to fairly enforce this ban, but expect that in future years the BMT will be a 100% fluoro-free race (so, start mentally preparing now!).

The total elevation gain is 1,239 vertical feet with a total loss of 2,231. 

We recognize that people’s lives are fluid; plans change, people get injured, life happens. However, we cannot offer refunds. We purchase goods, hire subcontractors and plan race infrastructure well in advance of the official race date. You can insure your entry during the registration process, or transfer it to another racer in the event you are unable to ski with us.