Legacy Fund

To safeguard the future of the Boulder Mountain Tour while enhancing the legacy of our outstanding event, the board of directors has established the Boulder Mountain Legacy Fund. 

The Legacy Fund allows us to withstand any financial hardships incurred by lack of snow, a pandemic, or weather conditions that may jeopardize the event in a given year, and ensure the tradition and trajectory of the BMT is secure for years to come.

BMT Legacy Fund Supporters

Backwoods Mountain Sports, Blaine County Title, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Elephant’s Perch, Power Engineers, Sentinel Security, Zenergy, Zions Bank. 

Angela & Thomas Beauchaine, Michael Berry, Tom Bowman and Patty Lousen, Paige Collins, Shay Doll and Buddy Wilton, Jr., Meghan Duff, Gregory Dunfield, Sue Engelmann, Mitch Fleischer, Christopher Foreman, Tom Frey, Matthew Gelso, Svea and Chris Grover, Cary Harding, Sue & Tim Hamilton, Michael Karger, Chip Kogelmann, Andrea & James Lieberman, Nicole Lisk, Steve Moore, Andy Munter and Janet Kellam, Michael Nagro, Del Pletcher, Michele and Tom Praggastis, John Reuter & Lexie Praggastis, Muffy Ritz, Brad St. Clair, Ronald Stradiotto,  Carolyn Stwertka, and Neil Zussman.